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Colgate-Palmolive Website Design   THE CHALLENGE Update the Shop Smiles website to a more user friendly experience that captures the customers attention and informs them of the products they would like to purchase. Encourage customers to mix and match products to create a custom bundle of products. Ultimately move users away from amazon and direct them to…

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Our Client Who Won NPR’s Heart

In the realm of animal behaviorists, few stories are as inspiring as that of our client, Stephen Quandt. Recently featured on NPR’s Storytime for his remarkable involvement with an animal shelter in Chernobyl, Stephen’s journey is a testament to passion, dedication, and the power of a well-designed online presence. When Stephen approached us to design…

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designing the unexpected

Designing the Unexpected

Addressing A Grave Design Challenge I never would have imagined designing a website for a place people are dying to get into. Recently, I had the opportunity to create an online experience from the ground up for Cedar Hill Cemetery. I am familiar with the area, as it is only an hour away from where…

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