Our Client Who Won NPR’s Heart

In the realm of animal behaviorists,
few stories are as inspiring as that of our client, Stephen Quandt.

Recently featured on NPR’s Storytime for his remarkable involvement with an animal shelter in Chernobyl, Stephen’s journey is a testament to passion, dedication, and the power of a well-designed online presence.

When Stephen approached us to design his website, we were captivated by his mission. His dedication to understanding and improving the lives of feline friends and their owners in need is commendable. We knew his purpose deserved a platform that could match his ambition, and we set to work. The result was a website that not only showcased his expertise but also effectively conveyed the heartwarming narratives of the lives he has touched.

The NPR feature was an exciting highlight for Stephen and his noble cause. Thanks to the enhanced online presence, he was able to share his story with a wider audience. We’re immensely proud of the impact Stephen is making, and we’re grateful to have played a part in helping him reach more people.

His story can be heard here on the NPR website: https://www.npr.org/2023/07/28/1190663491/helping-the-dogs-of-chernobyl

If you haven’t already, visit Stephen’s website (catbehaviorhelp.com) to learn more about his incredible journey and the beautiful animals and people he is helping.

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