Jun Group Branding

Jun Means Truth.

Jun Group is a NYC based leading technology company that drives media campaigns for top brands, agencies, and publishers.


Jun Group is a tech company that was recently squired by Advantage Solutions, a leading shopper marketing agency. I was the creative lead tasked to rebrand the company for the first time since it was established in 2005.



This project was an entire rebrand that entailed a brand new logo design, website, social media presence, tone, and brand. I lead a team of designers, copywriters and video producers to rebrand the entire company in a 3 month timeline. We made sure to leverage the companies strong foundation and tagline “Jun Means Truth” and to expand on the fundamental values the company prides itself on. With truth and honesty in mind, this brand now has a fresh, friendly, and cutting edge look that compliments the incredible culture and values that every team member takes pride in.

My Role: Creative Director & Lead Designer


Brand Activation

The branding extended beyond the logo to include a cohesive color palette, typography, posters and employee swag, all aimed at creating a consistent and memorable brand experience. This project showcased my ability to blend creativity with strategic thinking,
resulting in a powerful and effective brand identity.


Website Design

The design encapsulates the brand's tone, message, and values. The design process began with a deep dive into understanding the brand’s core identity and target audience. By incorporating sleek, minimalist design and a cohesive color scheme, I ensured that the website not only looks appealing but also reinforces the brand's message of truth and transparency.

User experience was a top priority, resulting in a seamless, easy-to-navigate site that guides visitors effortlessly to key information and calls to action. This project highlights my ability to translate a brand’s essence into a visually engaging and highly functional online presence.


Video Art Direction

As a creative director, I led a dynamic video production, closely collaborating with the video editor and photographer. I crafted a detailed shot list and storyboard to ensure every visual aligned with our narrative goals. Throughout the editing process, I worked alongside the video editor, refining the footage to achieve a polished final product. This project showcased my ability to harmonize creative direction with technical expertise, resulting in a cohesive and impactful video.