Bright Farms Package Design

Hydroponic Produce.

BrightFarms is an American company that grows non-GMO, pesticide-free, and fresh salad greens hydroponically in greenhouse farms. Their produce is grown in a nutrient solution instead of soil, using a method called hydroponics. BrightFarms' greenhouses are located across the United States.


Bright Farms, the No.1 brand in locally grown packaged salads was in search of a stand out package design refresh before partnering with Giant Supermarkets.



An updated package design that aligns with the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. I Crafted the tagline "Enjoy Deliciously, Grown Responsibly" and developed a minimalist and modern package design. Utilizing a hand-drawn typeface, I opted for a clear label background, showcasing the product prominently on the shelf. Given the hydroponic greenhouse cultivation, the product's leaves boast vibrant colors, and to accentuate this uniqueness, I chose a clear label design. This approach allows the fresh green hues to shine through, ensuring the product stands out prominently amid competition on the shelf.

The brand has secured $55 million in a Series D equity financing since the re-design. The product has been launched into more stores than ever before across the country.


In Store Activation

BrightFarms produce is available in more than 3,700 retail stores across the East Coast and Midwest.


Landing Page & Social Media Design

Designed a custom landing page for the Culpeper, VA Capitol Greenhouse and branded social media posts for various product promotions.